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Questions Answered: Part Two (The Nerd Edition)

The sign commands you to visit...

Earlier on this trip* we discovered that yes, it appears that if you have a grass roof you do need to mow it. That's right: though it may look like we're just kicking back drinking sweet, sweet European beers, we've actually been doing investigative journalism.

The MacOS command iconToday's Hilarity investigation takes a more nerdy spin and relates to a symbol that should be instantly familiar to any Mac user (and I know there's plenty of you out there reading this). The icon to the right is known to Mac users as the "command" button, or that-weird-squiggle-that's-on-the-apple-key.

I remember reading some Apple folklore that Susan Kare, the designer who created most of the original Mac fonts and icons, borrowed the icon from a Norwegian sign.

Turns out that's true. All the way through our drive across Norway and Sweden, that familiar symbol indicated places of interest (museums, heritage sites) on road signs and maps.

So there you go — the folklore is true and that icon is indeed 'borrowed from the signposts of Scandinavia. You can read more on the history of the icon at

Disclaimer: When I say earlier I may be pushing things: Trondheim came long after this particular signpost, though the icon was used throughout Norway and Sweden. Anyway, since when has chronology been a concern of ours? I'm not even sure what day it is today.

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